It makes us happy

We are so happy to show some of the cool projects that we worked on, over time, for the largest, as well as the smaller companies out there. We delivered terrific results for all of them.
Augmented Reality
Web Development
Mobile Web Apps
Fishial mobile app
Fishial is an app created to improve sustainable seafood consumption. Users can check out a species of fish and find out if it is in danger or not. In case it is, they are offered alternatives. Also they can find retailers and restaurants that serve their favorite fish type.
Samsung GS5 web app on ipad
Samsung GS5 Campaign
This was an enhanced, interactive tablet ad, presented inside a native app platform.
MedicalOptik responsive website across devices
This optics store is selling both sunglasses, but also contact lenses and prescription glasses. Most importantly, they offer personal counseling to their customers, in choosing the best product for them, both medically and aesthetically. So we created a modern and stylish mobile responsive website, for their online presense.
SPH AR Augmented Reality mobile app
This Augmented Reality app was created to complement another app from SPH and it was used to scan ads in some prin editions, to reveal interactive scenarios presented in AR.
Unicef mobile app prototype
A useful prototype to register and keep records of children and their medical records in areas where they have no identification.
Kepris shopping website
An online store that we grew and upgraded so many times along the years, that is selling high end fashion items.

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